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Paul Gange Sr.
Paul Gange Sr Receives AAO Award

Reliance Orthodontic Products is proud to announce Paul Gange Sr. received the AAO 2019 Outstanding Contribution Award! Click to view Paul's award video and learn more about his contributions to the Orthodontic profession.

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GoTo Adhesive

GoTo is a light cure adhesive with superior handling properties.
It does not allow bracket flotation once placed on the tooth or during flash removal. Available in Push Syringes or Tips.

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ASK - All Surface Kit

Reliance offers a kit that will produce clinically acceptable strength regardless of the substrate involved. The ASK (All Surface Kit) includes 3 components: Etchmaster® Microetcher, Assure® Plus, and Porcelain Conditioner.
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Stainess Steel Ortho-FlexTech
Stainless Steel OFT

Ortho FlexTech® Flexible Lingual Retainer in Stainless Steel. Patented interlocking chain design with increased tensile and torsional strength!
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Nickel Free TMA wire used for long term lingual retention, bonded only to the cuspids. Available in 5 sizes.

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Reliance Orthodontic Catalog
Reliance Catalog

Download a copy of the Reliance Orthodontic Catalog.


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