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Ortho FlexTech Stainless Steel Ortho-FlexTech
Ortho FlexTech
Our Price: $135.00

Ortho FlexTech - Dental Retention System

The Next Generation in Lingual Retention Using Solid Gold Chain Retainer. Patented under US Patent #5,964,589

Product Features:

Ortho FlexTech is intended to be used for retaining tooth position after orthodontic treatment.

  • Stabilizes orthodontic corrections
  • Prevents rotational relapses
  • Easy application - naturally forms to lingual arch curvature
  • Less doctor time / less chair time
  • Low failure rate due to "flex linkage"
  • No laboratory costs or delays
  • Improved patient comfort - lays flat against the teeth
  • Lasting esthetics due to 14 karat white gold composition

Price may vary due to fluctuation in gold prices.

Dimensions: Metric: 0.974 mm (w) x 0.402 mm (h) / Standard: 0.0383 in (w) x 0.01580 in (h)

NEW!! Stainless Steel OrthoFlex-Tech Patented under US Patent #5,964,589

30% Stronger Tensile Strength than Gold OrthoFlex-Tech and 300% increased Torsional Strength over Gold OrthoFlex-Tech, plus it's HALF THE PRICE!

Dimension Metric: 0.974 mm (w) x 0.402 mm (h) / Standard: 0.0383 in (w) x 0.01580 in (h)
Extend LTR TMA 18mm Wire XL Retainium
Extend LTR TMA 18mm Wire
Our Price: $47.00
XL Retainium
Our Price: $40.00
Retainium Bond-a-Braid
Our Price: $40.00
Our Price: $35.00

Single strand NICKEL FREE titanium flat metal ribbon with increased interproximal strength is ideal for semi permanent splinting and maintaining difficult extraction sites.

Eliminates potential patient allergy issues
Reduced wear rate
Increased interproximal strength
60" total - 10 (6 inch) strands

Dimension: Metric: 0.694 mm (w) x 0.297 mm (h) / Standard: 0.02735 in (w) x 0.01170 (h)
Bond-a-Braid® and Retainium® are intended for use as a lingual retainer wire for retaining tooth position after orthodontic treatment. Bond-a-Braid greatly enhances permanent retention and is excellent for splinting periodontally compromised teeth. BAB2 and RET are 0.011mm wires. XLRET is a 0.016mm wire. Bond A Braid is not indicated of individuals with nickel allergies. Retainium is not indicated for individuals with known titanium allergies
Extend Measuring Device
Extend Measuring Device
Our Price: $1.25