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Product Instructions

1st and Final Instructions

A2 Aligner Attachment Kit

Access Cheek Retractor

Assure Universal Bonding Resin for wet or dry environments

Assure Plus All Surface Bonding Resin for wet or dry environments

Assure Light Cure Sealant Paste System

Band-Lok and Band-Lok Blue

Bond A Braid Lingual Retainer Wire

Bond Aligner

Bonding Resin Instructions


Indirect Bonding Technique - Clean Base

Indirect Bonding Technique - Custom Base


Enhance Adhesion Booster

Enhance L.C.

EtchMaster User Instructions

EtchMaster CO2 Replacement Instructions

Etchant - Liquid or Gel

Gel Etchant In Syringe

Blue Gel Etchant

Excel Bonding Adhesive - Page 1

Extend LTR

FlowTain and FlowTain L.V.


Kobayashi Tie Hooks

Light Cure Retainer - L.C.R

Light Bond

Light Bond Sealant Instructions

Maximum Cure and Maximum Cure Filled

Metal Primer

Ortho Flex Tech

Orthodontic Veneer System - O.V.S.

Pad Lock Bonding System

Perfect A Smile Pontic Paint

Phase II Bonding System - Page 1

Phase II Dual Cure Bonding System

Plastic Appliance Conditioner


Porcelain Conditioner

Power Slot

Precedent Glass Ionomer Cement

Prep Step Disposable Prophy Angles

Pro Seal Sealant

Quick Cure Bonding System


Renew Finishing System Burs

Renew Finishing System Points



Self Etching Primer S.E.P.

Self Mixing Dual-Syringe System

Therma-Cure Heat Curable Lab Adhesive

Tooth Formation

Ultra Band-Lok and Ultra Band-Lok Blue