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S   Nylon Mixing Spatulas
OVS   O.V.S. - Ortho Veneer System Kit
OVPA1   Ortho Veneer Paste Shade A-1
OVPA2   Ortho Veneer Paste Shade A-2
OVPB1   Ortho Veneer Paste Shade B-1
PLTF   Pad Lock Paste in 4.5 gm Pre-loaded Syringe Tips With Fluoride
PLT   Pad Lock Paste in 4.5 gm Pre-loaded Syringe Tips Without Fluoride
PLPF   Pad Lock Paste in Push Syringe With Fluoride
PLP   Pad Lock Paste in Push Syringe Without Fluoride
PAD-LOCK-PUSH-KIT   Pad Lock Push Syringe Kits
Perfect-A-Smile   Perfect A Smile
LBOPS   Perfect A Smile Pontic Putty 5 gm Screw Syringe With Fluoride
PJAF   Phase II 18 gm Paste A Catalyst in Jar With Fluoride
PJB   Phase II 18 gm Paste B In Jar
1PSAF   Phase II 6 gm Paste A in Screw Syringe With Fluoride
1DCSAF   Phase II Dual Cure 6 gm Paste A Catalyst in Screw Syringes With Fluoride
DCJAF   Phase II Dual Cure18 gm Paste A Catalyst in Jar With Fluoride
1PSB   Phase II Paste B in 6 gm Screw Syringe
POE   Porc-Etch and Barrier Gel
PT-KOBAYASHI-TIE-HOOKS   Pre-Twisted Kobayashi Tie Hooks
PRP100   Precedent 100 gm Powder
PRL15   Precedent 15 cc Liquid
PRP15   Precedent 15 gm Powder
1PRL30   Precedent 30 cc Liquid
PRE   Precedent Economy Kit
PRS   Precedent Starter Kit
DPA   Prep Step Prophy Angles
PRO   Pro Seal - Light Cure Sealant
QCPP   Quick Cure Syringe 5 gm Component
RELY-A-BOND-KITS   Rely-a-Bond Kits
RELY-A-BOND-KITS-N-F   Rely-a-Bond Kits - Non Fluoride
1RPP   Rely-a-Bond Paste in 3.5 gm Syringe
DB   Renew Diamond Burs #129
RSBL   Renew Finishing System Bur #118L
RSB   Renew Finishing System Burs #118S
RSPFG   Renew Finishing System Points #383 - Friction Grip
RSPL   Renew Finishing System Points #383 - Latch
RSPHP   Renew Finishing System Points #383 - Straight Hand Piece
RSB2   Renew System Burs #218
RSB815   Renew System Burs #815
RESPP2   Restore Diamond Polishing Paste - 2 gm syringe
RET   Retainium
SEPPRO   S.E.P - Self Etching Primer Pro Kit
1SEPW   S.E.P. Mixing Well
SEPD   Self Etching Primer Dispenser
SEPR   Self Etching Primer Refill Cartridge
SMBLB   Self Mixing Band-Lok Blue Syringe
SMBL   Self Mixing Band-Lok Natural Shade Syringe
SMT   Self Mixing Tips (15 Pack)
SP   Sponge Pellets
SSOFT   Stainless Steel Ortho-FlexTech
SNP16   Stick'N Place (16 Per Package)
MBSF   Super Fine Micro Brushes
test   test
DOBRG2   The Complete Orthodontic Bonding Reference Guide (2011 - DVD)
TC   Therma-Cure Indirect Adhesive
TIPS5   Tips (5 per Pack)
TIPS50   Tips (50 per Pack)
UBLBPP   Ultra Band-Lok 5g Blue Syringe
UBLPP   Ultra Band-Lok 5g Natural Syringe
UAP50   Unidose Assure PLUS All Surface Bonding Resin - 50 Pack
UVML   UV Mini Light
SG   Uvex Skyper
SGU   Uvex Ultra Spec 2000
v-test   Volusion Test
OFT2   White Gold Ortho FlexTech
XLRET   XL Retainium

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