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OVPA2   Ortho Veneer Paste Shade A-2
OVPB1   Ortho Veneer Paste Shade B-1
PLTF   Pad Lock Paste in 4.5 gm Pre-loaded Syringe Tips With Fluoride
PLT   Pad Lock Paste in 4.5 gm Pre-loaded Syringe Tips Without Fluoride
PLPF   Pad Lock Paste in Push Syringe With Fluoride
PLP   Pad Lock Paste in Push Syringe Without Fluoride
PAD-LOCK-PUSH-KIT   Pad Lock Push Syringe Kits
Perfect-A-Smile   Perfect A Smile
PJAF   Phase II 18 gm Paste A Catalyst in Jar With Fluoride
PJB   Phase II 18 gm Paste B In Jar
1PSAF   Phase II 6 gm Paste A in Screw Syringe With Fluoride
1DCSAF   Phase II Dual Cure 6 gm Paste A Catalyst in Screw Syringes With Fluoride
DCJAF   Phase II Dual Cure18 gm Paste A Catalyst in Jar With Fluoride
1PSB   Phase II Paste B in 6 gm Screw Syringe
POE   Porc-Etch and Barrier Gel
PT-KOBAYASHI-TIE-HOOKS   Pre-Twisted Kobayashi Tie Hooks
PRP100   Precedent 100 gm Powder
PRL15   Precedent 15 cc Liquid
PRE   Precedent Economy Kit
DPA   Prep Step Prophy Angles
PRO   Pro Seal - Light Cure Sealant
QCPP   Quick Cure Syringe 5 gm Component
RELY-A-BOND-KITS   Rely-a-Bond Kits
RELY-A-BOND-KITS-N-F   Rely-a-Bond Kits - Non Fluoride
1RPP   Rely-a-Bond Paste in 3.5 gm Syringe
DB   Renew Diamond Burs #129
RSBL   Renew Finishing System Bur #118L
RSB   Renew Finishing System Burs #118S
RSPFG   Renew Finishing System Points #383 - Friction Grip
RSPL   Renew Finishing System Points #383 - Latch
RSPHP   Renew Finishing System Points #383 - Straight Hand Piece
RSB2   Renew System Burs #218
RSB815   Renew System Burs #815
RESPP2   Restore Diamond Polishing Paste - 2 gm syringe
RET   Retainium
SEPPRO   S.E.P - Self Etching Primer Pro Kit
1SEPW   S.E.P. Mixing Well
SEPD   Self Etching Primer Dispenser
SEPR   Self Etching Primer Refill Cartridge
SMBLB   Self Mixing Band-Lok Blue Syringe
SMBL   Self Mixing Band-Lok Natural Shade Syringe
SMT   Self Mixing Tips (15 Pack)
SP   Sponge Pellets
SSOFT   Stainless Steel Ortho-FlexTech
SNP16   Stick'N Place (16 Per Package)
MBSF   Super Fine Micro Brushes
test   test
DOBRG2   The Complete Orthodontic Bonding Reference Guide (2011 - DVD)
TC   Therma-Cure Indirect Adhesive
TIPS5   Tips (5 per Pack)
TIPS50   Tips (50 per Pack)
UBLBPP   Ultra Band-Lok 5g Blue Syringe
UBLPP   Ultra Band-Lok 5g Natural Syringe
UAP50   Unidose Assure PLUS All Surface Bonding Resin - 50 Pack
UVML   UV Mini Light
SG   Uvex Skyper
SGU   Uvex Ultra Spec 2000
v-test   Volusion Test
OFT2   White Gold Ortho FlexTech
XLRET   XL Retainium

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