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Perfect A Smile Pontic Paint

Immediate Restorations And Space Maintenance

Quick and Economical Aesthetic Solution

• Light cure paste in 10 shades
• Applies smoothly to clear aligner sockets
• Transluscent to match enamel
• High elasticicty modulus
–Will not crack or splinter
• Bonds to any clear aligner
• Quick and economical
–Same day fix
–No doctor chairtime
–No lab fees or delays
• Complete in-office system
• Easy temporary bridge

Clinical Applications:
• Eliminates flippers
• Temporary restorations
–Congenital, trauma
–Pre-pontic, peg laterals
–Grafting, implants
• Space maintenance
• Aesthetic restorations
–Single tooth
–Partial arch

Product Education

Creating Pontic Teeth with Reliance Perfect A Smile

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A decent product for temporary tooth replacement

by Jennifer| 07/27/2023 8:22 am

I've been using this pontic paint for 10 years. It isn't the easiest product to work with but it can produce results that make patients very happy. If patients teeth/tooth coloring is super gradient, pontic paint doesn't usually look good because the shade is the same at the gumline to the incisal/occlusal. Blending shades has never really looked good so if the patient doesn't bleach, it may be best to only use on posterior teeth.