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Are there any other uses for Bond Aligner?
Yes, you can reinforce dimples in the aligner and you can bond a metal, plastic or ceramic bracket to an acrylic temporary. The procedure would be as follows: lightly roughen the temporary, rinse and dry. Apply the BA paste to the bracket base, place on the tooth and light cure 5 seconds from 2 angles (incisal/gingival or incisal/mesial, etc).

What is the best material for occlusal buildup or bite turbos/ramps?
Ultra Band Lok because it has the same wear rate as enamel and is available tooth color(anterior) or blue (posterior) shade. Simply acid etch the enamel, apply the UBL and light cure 20 seconds. Eliminate the worry of wearing opposing teeth. In addition to a band cement UBL can be used to bond large acrylic appliance such as Herbst, expanders, Mara, etc. Apply plastic conditioner in the appliance and dry. Etch the buccal/lingual of the involved teeth, not the occlusal apply the UBL in the appliance covering buccal lingual and occlusal, seat appliance and light cure 10 seconds per tooth through the acrylic. Removal of the appliance will be with most if not all the material in the appliance.

Are you placing a button on an aligner for class II elastics?
Save time and money and use Bond Aligner to form a clear button that will attach to any clear aligner material. Simply take the Reliance Button Hook Aligner Attachment (item# ABUT), fill it with Bond Aligner paste, place the filled form on the aligner and light cure through the form for 10 seconds. Remove the form and light cure for 10 seconds.

What product and special instructions are needed for bonding to a zirconia crown?

Two types of zirconia crowns are commercially available:layered (porcelain surface fused on zirconia) and monolithic (glazed/tinted zirconia). If bonding to a layered zirconia crown (such as Z-Crown® or Lava ®), this is accomplished in the same manner as bonding to porcelain.
If bonding to a monolithic zirconia crown with a glaze (such as BruxZir ®), instructions for use are: prophy, rinse and dry the surface to be bonded. Apply one coat of Assure ® Plus, lightly dry with air and light cure for 10 seconds. Proceed with application of paste and bracket. DO NOT MICROETCH or roughen the surface of monolithic glazed zirconia crowns as it will not be able to be restored aesthetically after debonding

Is there a way to eliminate the instance of a smooth lingual retainer wire sliding through the bonded custom pads?
Yes, simply install a gable bend. Please see the following document for reference - "Retainium Gable Bend Protocol"